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ENY-047: Proper Calibration of Soil Fumigant Application Equipment

Figure 1. A vegetable field composed of plastic-mulch-covered rows and uncovered row middles in which the total area of the block is 1 acre (43,560 sq ft) in size. If the plastic-covered rows are 3 feet wide and the row spacing is 6 feet, then the field area under plastic receiving fumigant treatment is actually only one half acre in size or 7,260 linear feet of row. Assuming a maximum broadcast application rate of 350 lb/a, then only 50% of the acre will receive fumigant treatment, and the amount of fumigant applied within the block or acre of field is 175 lb/a. The correct expression of application rate for this scenario is 1751b/a and/or 350 lb/treated acre. “Treated acre” means the area of actually treated land and not the cropland covered.