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EENY-539: Pepper Fruit Fly Atherigona orientalis (Schiner) (Insecta: Diptera: Muscidae)

Figure 2. Atherigona orientalis puparium from Skidmore, P. 1985. The Biology of the Muscidae of the World. Page 291, figure 85. Figure 85 Atherigona (Acritochaeta) orientalis : a, cephalopharyngeal skeleton from puparium; b, puparium (dorsal view); c, same (ventral view); d, detail of spiculation on ventral abdominal welt 3; e, anal spiracle of puparium; A. (A.) longipalpis; f, cephalopharyngeal skeleton from puparium; g, detail of oral sclerites of same; h, puparium (dorsal view); i, posterior end of puparium (ventral view); j, anal spiracle of puparium. (Scales: a, d, e, f, j 0.10 mm; b,c 1.0 mm; g 0.12 mm; hi 0.61 mm) (Orig.).

Credit: Originally published by Dr. W. Junk Publishers, Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Used by kind permission from Springer Science+Business Media B.V.