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FCS9186: Putting Knowledge to Work: Outcome Performance of the UF IFAS Welfare-to-Work Initiative

Figure 6. The duration of employment since training shown in Figure 6 the duration of placement in unsubsidized jobs reported by participants completing one or more of the WtW courses. The goal is for WtW training participants to obtain unsubsidized employment and retain it for no less than six months. It has been shown that if a WtW trainee can keep a job for six month, he/she is likely to remain employed. Figure 6 shows the number of students and the duration of employment they reported. This data represents the number of students reporting unsubsidized employment at a given time. For example, those report 2 to 3 months employment may well still be employed six months later. This survey was taken in the early stages of the project and does not reflect end results.