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Publishing on EDIS

How do I publish something I've written on EDIS?
What is a Digital Library Number (DLN)?
What is an IFAS Publication Number (IPN)?
Which elements of a custom PDF are required?
Who do I contact for editorial assistance?
How should a document be noted when the original author has left the faculty?
How do I add my EDIS publications to EndNote Web?

Using the EDIS Website

What does "EDIS" mean?
I keep getting errors, why isn't anything available?
What are the two numbers I see listed in the search results (e.g., PP225/CG086)?
Will you link to my website?
An article I found on your website is perfect for a project I'm doing. May I use it?
How do I cite a publication on EDIS?
I'm having difficulty printing a pdf I downloaded from the EDIS Website.
What are keywords?
What is an author keyword?
What is a title keyword?
What is a department?
I'd like to report a problem with a specific publication.

Editorial Contacts

The table below lists the EDIS editorial staff and the departments for which they are responsible.

Susan Gildersleeve
(352) 294-3318

Entomology and Nematology
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Food and Resource Economics
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Sea Grant

Jewel Midelis
(352) 294-3306

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Animal Sciences
Family, Youth, and Community Sciences
Microbiology and Cell Science
Soil and Water Science
Veterinary Medicine
4-H Youth Development

Lila Sadkin
(352) 294-3306

Agricultural Education and Communication
Environmental Horticulture
Food Science and Human Nutrition
Horticultural Sciences
Plant Pathology
Pesticide Information Office

Production Team

The table below lists the EDIS production staff and their roles.

Diana Hagan
352/392-2411 x289
Coordinator of Computer Applications (EDIS Librarian). Responsible for the organization and management of the EDIS website, EDIS Update mailing list and RSS feed, and production workflows. Supervises production team
Melanie Mercer
352/392-2411 x295
Assistant Editor. Coordinates EDIS production workflow. Approves minor revisions of existing documents. Administers print services. Coordinates notifications for 3-year review of EDIS publications.
Wesley Croom
352/392-2411 x308
Inputter(IT Intermediate). One of centralized team of inputters. Provides graphic design and user support for inputting documents into EDIS Authoring Tool. Backs up Melanie in approving minor revisions.
Vesta Richardson
352/392-2411 x280
Inputter. Backs up Melanie in administering print services.
Hope Crawford
352/392-2411 x310
Inputter (Graphic Designer). Works half-time as part of EDIS production team.
Neal Hammons
Proofreader. (half time)

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