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Your Florida Dooryard Citrus Guide

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Your Florida Dooryard Citrus Guide

The most detailed guide about Florida citrus ever published has been updated for 2001. Author Jim Ferguson, Department of Horticultural Sciences, applies expertise he learned working with commercial citrus growers to the specific needs of the home gardener. Dooryard fruit growers can profit from the wealth of detailed information, charts, appendices, and color photographs.

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Table of Contents

Below you will find the table of contents for the Your Florida Dooryard Citrus Guide handbook. You are also able to follow the links to online publications in EDIS that cover the material where available.

About the Author
  • Jim Ferguson coordinates statewide citrus extension programs for commercial citrus growers on about 853,742 acres. This is is part of his responsibility as the extension citrus horticulturist at the University of Florida, Gainesville.
  • Dr. Ferguson also teaches courses in citrus production for undergraduates in the Horticultural Sciences department at the university, trains county agents and master gardeners in citrus horticulture, and conducts field research and demonstration projects in citrus nutrition, cold protection, and organic production of citrus. He has written and published over 60 extension and trade magazine publications on citrus and has developed, with other faculty and students, computer software for the diagnosis of citrus diseases, disorders and pests.