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VM244: Diagnostic Methods for the Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum

Figure G3-1. Water vascular system. (a) Aboral area showing madreporite and periproct. (b) Extracted organs of madreporite and periproct (slightly prolapsed opening of anus). (c) Rectum, periproct, and madreporite were extracted. (d) Longitudinally sectioned view of the test showing the tube feet, spines, and ampullae. (e) Lateral-ventral sectioned view of the test showing the spines, ampullae, and piece of small intestine. Ampu = ampulla; Pproct = periproct; Rect = rectum; SI = small intestine; Sp = spine; TF = tube foot; white dashed arrow = madreporite.

Credit: Yasunari Kiryu, FWC/FWRI