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VM244: Diagnostic Methods for the Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum

Figure G7. Reproductive organs. (a) Gonad tissues (histologically confirmed as testis) are attached to the interambulacrum plates, mainly at the aboral side. (b) In situ view of gonad (histologically confirmed as testis) at aboral area. (c) Another in situ view of gonad (histologically confirmed as ovary) at aboral area. Note that this specimen had reddish small intestine due to the diet. (d) Gonad extracted (histologically confirmed as ovary). (e) Gonad tissue (histologically confirmed as ovary) appeared to be atrophied. (f) Gonad (histologically confirmed as testis) with cloudy substances (i.e., presume sperm) escaping from the cut surface after dissecting out the organ. Arrow head = axial organ; Go = gonad; LI = large intestine; Rect = rectum; SI = small intestine.

Credit: Yasunari Kiryu, FWC/FWRI