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VM244: Diagnostic Methods for the Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum

Figure G8. Respiratory system. (a) In situ gill attached to the peristomial membrane. (b) Three gills extracted view. (c) High-power magnification view of extracted gill with pedicellariae also seen in this image. (d) Extracted two gills oriented to the upright position (i.e., front side) view attached to the peristomial membrane. (e) Extracted two gills flipped over view of (d) showing the underneath (i.e., backside) view and large hemal vessel revealed (surrounded by dashed circle area). (f) Outer surface area of gills exhibiting numerous sac-like structures. Arrow = gill; PMb = peristomial membrane; HV = hemal vessel.

Credit: Yasunari Kiryu, FWC/FWRI