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EENY092: Mole Cricket Nematode, Steinernema scapterisci Nguyen & Smart (Nematoda: Rhabditida: Steinernematidae)

Figure 4. Females of the mole cricket nematode, Steinernema scapterisci Nguyen & Smart n. sp. A) Diagrammatic face view of the first-generation female showing unevenly distributed papillae. B) Entire body of second-generation females. C) Double-flapped epiptygma on vulva of the first-generation females. D) Variation in tails of the first-generation females. E) Variation in tails of second-generation females. F) Anterior region of the first-generation female showing large cheilorhabdions, esophagus, nerve ring, excretory pore and duct, and elliptically shaped structure and gland cell associated with the excretory system.

Credit: K. Nguyen, University of Florida