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VM244: Diagnostic Methods for the Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum

Figure H3-1. Hemal system. (a) Low-power magnification view of the adult specimen of axial organ possessing abundant melanin pigments, and surrounding stone canals. (b) Moderate-power magnification of the axial organ of dashed circled area of (a) with hemal lacunae. (c) High-power magnification view of the axial organ showing produced coelomocytes in the hemal vessel. (d) Tiedermann’s body and Polian body located in the Aristotle’s Lantern. (e) High-power magnification view of Tiedermann’s body that shows similar tissue structure to the axial organ. (f) High-power magnification view of Polian body. AO = Axial organ; C = coelomocytes; CT = connective tissue; HL = hemal lacuna; mel = melanin pigments; PB = Polian body; SC = stone canal; TB = Tiedermann’s body.

Credit: Yasunari Kiryu, FWC/FWRI