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VM244: Diagnostic Methods for the Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Long-Spined Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum

Figure H10-1. Histopathological section of the small intestine showing amoeba. (a) Cytoplasm of basophilic stained amoeba found at the surface of epithelial cell lining. (b) Same area of (a) stained with Thionin. (c) High-power magnification of (a). (d) High-power magnification of (b). (e) Moderate-power magnification showing amoeba (arrow heads) and gut epithelial cell erosion. (f) High-power magnification of amoeba. (g) High-power magnification view of an amoeba cell with pseudopod (lightly eosinophilic stained) and food vacuoles (strongly eosinophilic stained). (h) Another view of an amoeba using the highest power magnification possible by light microscopy (1.6x converter lens along with 100x objective lens used).

Credit: Jan Landsberg and Yasunari Kiryu, FWC/FWRI