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My Florida Home Book, Part 1

My Florida Home Book is not currently available.
Similar information may be found under Housing and Home Environment

Members of the Department of Family, Youth and Consumer Sciences (FYCS), Florida Cooperative Extension, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida (UF/IFAS) developed My Florida Home Book to assist you in making the best housing decisions for your situation, to prepare yourself well for homeownership when ready, and to maintain your home properly once it becomes yours.

My Florida Home Book consists of two major parts:

  • Part I. Becoming a Homeowner
  • Part II. Taking Good Care of Your Home

In Part I, you will learn various aspects of homeownership that you need to take into consideration before making a final decision to own a home. You will examine your readiness for new homeownership by learning the benefits and responsibilities of homeownership, assess your housing needs to make a right choice, and learn various financial aspects and processes that you have to know to be a successful homeowner.

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