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Nutrient Management of Vegetable and Row Crops handbook (SP500)

The vegetable and agronomic crops industry is extremely diverse and covers many geographic regions of the state. In 2012, Florida had approximately 237,000 acres of vegetables and a farm value exceeding $2 billion in revenue. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has established Best Management Practices (BMPs) based on research, field testing, and expert review to reduce the impact of agricultural production on surface and groundwater quality. BMPs are specific cultural practices aimed at reducing the load of a specific compound, while maintaining or increasing economical yields that have been determined to be the most effective and practicable means for maintaining or improving the water quality of surface and ground waters. The BMPs that apply to production of vegetable and agronomic crops in Florida are described in Water Quality/Quantity Best Management Practices for Florida Vegetable and Agronomic Crops.

Compiled Handbook