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4-H GROW: A Path for a Successful 4-H in School Program

4H437/4H437by Michael Shawn Jackson and Andrew ToelleAugust 7th, 20234-H in School programs can reach large groups of youth in a narrow age range, yet they are difficult for many 4-H agents to implement. Building on Ask IFAS publication 4H324, the GROW model is a practical guide for agents to follow to increase the likelihood of beginning and sustaining a successful 4-H in School program. This model addresses who agents can reach out to when in the initial phases of beginning a 4-H in School program and steps to follow as it is being developed.  The model also outlines an organizational plan to eliminate miscommunication and unexpected mishaps by offering a clear understanding of expectations for all participants involved.  Finally, the model identifies tips to make a school enrichment program operate smoothly based on feedback from teachers and 4-H Agents with experience working with 4-H school enrichment programs.

Florida 4-H Exploration: Careers in Horticulture

4H438/4H438by Marguerite Beckford, Sarah Davis, Kristie Popa, and Marnie WardSeptember 13th, 2023This publication highlights some of the many career pathways in horticulture. 4-H youth and 4-H club leaders can use the document to explore potential career interests. Written by Marguerite Beckford, Sarah Davis, Kristie Popa, and Marnie Ward, and published by the Florida 4-H Youth Development Program, UF/IFAS Extension, September 2023.

The Extension Services-237 Report: Everything You Need to Know

4H345/4H345 by Ben Knowles and Tracy A. TesdallOctober 24th, 2019

Understanding Extension for School-Based Agricultural Education #3: FFA and 4-H—A Comparison

WC371/AEC708 by Debra Barry, Alyssa Shepherd, Jennifer Patton, and Stephen GranNovember 3rd, 2020