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Caveat Emptor My Friends

Carol RobertsSeptember 6th, 2023As we head into fall and all the significant shopping events, I want to remind all my friends to Caveat Emptor. I know most people prefer Carpe Diem, which is fine – carpe away! Just remember to be a wise consumer and Caveat Emptor, too. What is Caveat Emptor? Caveat Emptor was a phrase I […]

Game Changers for the Florida Consumer

Carol RobertsMarch 25th, 2022You might not think it, but March has been a great month for consumers, especially in Florida. Yes, fuel prices are up and inflation is high. There have been a few new developments on the state and national level. These developments are game changers for the Florida consumer so let’s explore what’s new. Financial Education […]

Consumer Smarts – Know How to Maximize Your Buying Power

Carol RobertsJune 21st, 2021All of us, we Consumers, are usually looking for ways to maximize our buying power. We want to get the best bang for our buck, right?  Happily, this is highly likely if you are a smart consumer and know your resources. Watch the short video below to learn about some of those resources. Some helpful […]

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