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Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy)


Bok Choy, an Asian Leafy Green Vegetable Emerging in Florida

HS1337/HS1337 by Hai Liu and Guodong LiuFebruary 10, 2023A UF/IFAS numbered peer reviewed Fact Sheet. in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: Plant Systems

Cabbage, Chinese—Brassica campestris L. (Pekinensis group), Brassica campestris L. (Chinensis group)

MV036/HS569 by James M. StephensOctober 29, 2018Chinese cabbage has been grown in Asia since the 5th century but was not grown in the United States until about a century ago. It is now grown for sale primarily in California, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Florida. At one time in Florida, the principal production areas were the organic soils of the Everglades and Central Florida. Some production was scattered throughout other counties on sandy soils such as those in Martin County. Many home gardeners around the state include Chinese cabbage in their fall and winter gardens.

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