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September 14: Learn science-based composting basics from UF/IFAS experts, industry leaders at workshop

Lourdes MederosAugust 15th, 2023There are plenty of environmental and economic benefits of composting. It is gaining ground among consumers and industries because it helps keep food and yard debris from landfills thereby cutting methane gas emissions. Compost may also promote soil health and enhance water conservation which may aid plant establishment. Knowing what to include and how to properly […]

Curators of compost

Ralph MitchellMay 26th, 2023Sometimes the backbone-less residents of compost piles are strange and unnerving.  However, many invertebrates that work and live in our compost bins are necessary and beneficial to the bottom-line of well-done compost.  Besides things like worms, millipedes, springtails, and earwigs, consider the soldier fly.  This robust, almost wasp-looking fly produces larvae that are often found […]

Reimagining new home construction landscapes, backed by science

Tory MooreMay 2nd, 2023UF/IFAS researchers have partnered with award-winning land developers in Central Florida to study the benefits of landscapes that move away from traditional turf lawns and instead incorporate drought-tolerant plants native to Florida. Studying two neighborhoods side-by-side, researchers will be able to scientifically measure the benefits of more sustainable landscapes. The project takes place in two […]

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