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A group of people, or of some other animals, composed of parents and offspring.


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Domestic Violence

All acts of physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence that occur within the family or domestic unit, irrespective of biological or legal family ties, or between former or current spouses or partners, whether or not the perpetrator shares or has shared the same residence as the victim.


Couples Considering a Blended Family

HE358/FCS2148 by Kate Fogarty, Millie Ferrer, and Sara McCreaNovember 1, 2016

Family Relationships in an Aging Society

FY625/FCS2210 by Martie Gillen, Terry Mills, and Jenny JumpDecember 18, 2018

Family Reunification Following Foster Care

FY1366/FCS2328 by Rosalyn Monroe and Victor W. HarrisNovember 25, 2019

Improving Savings, Health, and Happiness by Modifying How the Family Operates the Home

FY1322/FCS3311 by Randall A. CantrellOctober 14, 2021A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet for Homeowner audience(s).

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