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Cat’s-claw vine

Susan GildersleeveMarch 1st, 2024At last, spring is here!* With the warming weather and longer day lengths, plants that have been dormant over the winter start to wake up. New leaves are growing on the trees, flowers are beginning to bloom, and if you have a loved one with allergies, you will have noticed that oak tree pollen is […]

Declawing the Dolichandra…

John RobertsApril 12th, 2022Some invasive plants can radically alter landscapes making them look like monocultures, alien, or even relatively ugly. In South Florida, Brazilian pepper and old-world climbing fern come to mind. However, there are exceptions. The cat’s-claw vine (Dolichandra unguis-cati) has beautiful flowers that often shower the canopies of supporting trees and structures this time of year. […]

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