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Forest Management

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Prescribed burning

Planned use of carefully controlled fire to achieve predetermined management goals, such as wildlife management, fire hazard reduction, etc.


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Florida Land Steward Update, November 21, 2023

Chris DemersNovember 21st, 2023HAPPY THANKSGIVING! On behalf of Florida Land Steward and Florida Tree Farm Program partners, we THANK YOU for all that you do for the stewardship of forests and natural resources in Florida. Your efforts provide innumerable benefits to the landscapes, wildlife, people, and the economy of this region. We wish you and yours a very […]

Florida Land Steward Update, November 2, 2023

Chris DemersNovember 2nd, 2023WELCOME! You may be seeing this blog update for the first time after requesting this service at one of the Florida Forests Week events held last week. We provide our Land Steward updates in this format as it may be easier to read than the email version. We welcome you to this growing and engaged […]

Florida Land Steward Update, October 23, 2023

Chris DemersOctober 23rd, 2023FLORIDA FORESTS WEEK This week (Oct. 22-28) we recognize and celebrate the role of Florida’s forests in providing environmental services and economic values that we can’t take for granted. Forests give us open spaces, recreation, clean water, clean air, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, economic value, jobs, and home to wildlife and people. Thousands of everyday “goods […]