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Heat Stress

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New research looks to pollen for plant heat stress resilience

Kirsten Romaguera RabinJuly 10th, 2023A new NIFA-funded project will examine pollen formation and viability in corn when heat stress is introduced during the different developmental stages. The research aims to identify genetic resiliency markers that may inform future corn-breeding efforts. People aren’t the only ones stressed by heat waves. For many plants, higher-than-anticipated temperatures can lead to water loss, […]

Protecting Citrus Trees from Heat Stress

Amir RezazadehMay 22nd, 2023The rising temperatures and climate change challenges of recent years have brought a significant threat to citrus trees. Heat stress, caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures, poses a severe risk to citrus trees. Also, excessive soil evaporation, inconsistent rainfall, and poor soil water-holding capacity can make trees even more heat-sensitive. How does heat stress […]

Hair Coat Characteristics and Thermotolerance in Florida Beef Cattle

Jessica CzipulisOctober 28th, 2022By Dr. Raluca Mateescu, Professor Importance of heat stress Heat stress is a major cause of economic loss for beef cattle producers in tropical and subtropical environments, including Florida. Bos indicus genetics are commonly introduced into beef cattle herds in these areas, as they are better adapted to hot and humid conditions. This practice has […]

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