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A healthy lawn increases the value of a property, reduces soil erosion, cools the air, and reduces glare and noise. It also filters and traps sediment and pollutants that could otherwise contaminate surface waters and groundwater.

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Homeowner Best Management Practices for the Home Lawn

EP236/ENH979 by Laurie E. TrenholmMarch 15th, 2018

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Video: Turfgrass Attracting Pollinators?

Beth BollesAugust 17th, 2023Centipedegrass is a low maintenance turfgrass for North Florida landscapes. Scientists from Georgia also found an added benefit when the grass is in flower. Learn about the specific insects found visiting the flowers of centipedegrass.

Weekly “What is it?”: Petrichor

carriestevensonAugust 2nd, 2023There have been countless times when I’ve gotten a whiff of pipe tobacco and been instantly transported to riding around in a truck with my great grandfather. He died when I was a young girl, but 40 years later, one sniff of a pipe takes my brain directly to fond and vivid memories of him. […]

June Gardening May Include Visit to Plant Clinic

llw5479June 13th, 2023June offers hotter temperatures, humidity and possible thunderstorm activity. In addition, school is out and many people take time to go on vacation. This leaves less time for landscape and garden chores. But there are things to do in the June landscape and garden here in the Northwest Florida area.  In today’s article, I’ll share […]

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