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A year after Ian, Southwest Florida recovering with help of UF/IFAS Extension

Brad BuckSeptember 20th, 2023In the year since Hurricane Ian unleashed its fury on Southwest Florida, UF/IFAS Extension agents have helped communities in their long road to recovery. Left in the path of the hurricane’s 150 mph winds and flooding rain: damaged crops, eroded beaches, downed trees and power lines, property marred or made unlivable and more. In the […]

Torpedograss Toxicity in Horses: What’s the Truth?

Cassidy DossinSeptember 8th, 2023Horse owners have the utmost concern for their animals, and one of their top concerns is toxic plants. Florida’s tropical climate supports a variety of non-native, often tropical species that can cause toxicity issues for livestock. Producers are constantly on the lookout for new plants popping up in the pasture that could pose a risk, […]

New Agriculture and Food Systems Agent!

Ashley StonecipherJuly 6th, 2023UF/IFAS Extension Volusia County is excited to welcome Ashley Stonecipher as the new Agriculture and Food Systems Extension Agent. Ashley will serve as the livestock agent for anyone in the county with beef and dairy cattle, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and more. She will provide community members with educational programs and advice on enhancing […]

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