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Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is the science of genetically improving plants for the benefit of humankind. [AGROVOC]

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UF scientists finding new way to keep broccoli – and perhaps other vegetables — fresher, longer

Brad BuckMay 21st, 2024When consumers go to the grocery store, they want their produce, including broccoli, to look, feel and taste fresh. This desire compels University of Florida scientist Tie Liu to study ways to keep vegetables fresh. In newly published research, Liu and his colleagues studied the physiological and molecular mechanisms of two treatments: 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and […]

Machine-harvestable tomatoes available from UF/IFAS; growers hope cultivars can help lower labor cost

Brad BuckApril 25th, 2024Ever since Florida farmers have been growing tomatoes, they’ve picked them by hand or hired laborers. It’s painstaking work that might be made easier soon with machine-harvestable tomatoes developed by University of Florida scientists. Now that the varieties are available, growers in Florida’s $400 million-a-year industry hope they can use mechanized harvesting, but doubts remain. […]

White House officials tour UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center; admire AI initiatives, tout importance of cybersecurity

Brad BuckApril 2nd, 2024Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) holds tremendous potential to make our world more prosperous and secure, while misuse of AI can lead to cybersecurity issues. Knowing that, White House officials toured the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research and Education Center (GCREC) last week. During a visit to Tampa, Acting Principal Deputy National Cyber […]

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