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Pensacola Snake Watch – 2023 3rd Quarter Update

Rick O'ConnorOctober 27th, 2023Since last year we have been logging reports from area residents of snake encounters.  The purpose of this is education.  We are learning which species people most frequently encounter, what time of year different species are encountered, and where they are being encountered.  Here is the 2023 3rd Quarter Update.   To date – we […]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Considering Protection for Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes and Could Use Your Help

Rick O'ConnorApril 21st, 2023This sounds similar to the idea that has been discussed about protecting some species of sharks.  Do we really want to do this?   It reminds me of an interesting situation that was created when they passed the Marine Mammal Act in 1972.  The law seemed simple enough.  Citizens wanted to protect our marine mammals […]

When a Snake in the Grass is Just a Snake in the Grass

Donna Corbelli CastroMarch 28th, 2023Spring means snakes. If you are quiet and observant, you can see the natural world around us speaking Spring.  The birds are chirping more energetically, the butterflies are eagerly seeking nectar and host plants, the wildflowers (weeds to some), are popping up all over.  If you are really lucky, you may see a snake! Most […]