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Complex mixture of inorganic minerals (i.e., mostly clay, silt, and sand), decaying organic matter, water, air, and living organisms.

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Soil Management

Good management of soils assures that mineral elements do not become deficient or toxic to plants, and that appropriate mineral elements enter the food chain.



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There’s a Party Going On in That Soil!

Donna Corbelli CastroNovember 22nd, 2023Soil is not dirt. There’s a lot of talk these days about the microbiome, beneficial bacteria, soil food web and other names for the often invisible life in the soil.  Many people don’t realize that the soil beneath them is not some inert substance.  Soil is a symbiotic culture of many different microorganisms which are […]

Professor Sabine Grunwald co-edits new book that offers appreciation of soil across cultures

Mike LoizzoOctober 19th, 2023Sabine Grunwald, Professor of Pedometrics, Landscape Analysis, and GIS, in the UF/IFAS Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences, says soil has been taken for granted globally. She hopes Cultural Understanding of Soils: The Importance of Cultural Diversity and of the Inner World, a new book published by Springer Nature, promotes intercultural literacy. The editors’ […]

New public-private partnership allows UF/IFAS scientist to work on growing plants, storing carbon in clay soil

Brad BuckSeptember 14th, 2023In a new, public-private partnership, University of Florida scientist Zachary Brym wants to see if he can utilize plants to store carbon in clay soil in Polk County. Eventually, he’d like to see how collections of crops and other plants can help improve the health of local soils and contribute to environmental benefits beyond the […]

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