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Weekly “What is it?”: Succession

carriestevensonSeptember 20th, 2023There’s as popular show called Succession on TV these days that has racked up lots of critical acclaim. It can be hard to watch, though, as the characters are mostly unlikable members of a cutthroat family attempting to establish dominance over one another. The patriarch, an aging businessman, is as manipulative as his children, giving […]

Weekly “What is it?”: Titi

carriestevensonSeptember 13th, 2023When I first started learning to identify wetland species in the field, titi (pronounced “tye-tye”) trees were among the first I could consistently recognize. They grow all over the place, so I had plenty of opportunity to see them in the wild and practice my skills. There are two native species that go by this […]

Why won’t my tree fruit?

Jeff WasielewskiAugust 31st, 2023There are a number of controllable factors that combine to create a tree healthy enough to fruit. A healthy tree must have a strong root system, adequate light, proper pruning, proper nutrition, the right age, proper pollination, no mechanical damage, been planted properly, and adequate irrigation. The question, “Why won’t my tree fruit?” is one […]

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