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Homeowner Best Management Practices for the Home Lawn

EP236/ENH979 by Alex J. Lindsey, Marco Schiavon, J. Bryan Unruh, and Laurie E. TrenholmDecember 12, 2023A healthy lawn is an important component of an urban landscape. Not only do lawns increase the value of a property, but they also reduce soil erosion, filter stormwater runoff, cool the air, and reduce glare and noise. A healthy lawn effectively filters and traps sediment and pollutants that could otherwise contaminate surface waters and groundwater. This publication is intended for those who maintain their own lawn and landscapes.

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Gardening Successfully in Florida’s Summer Heat

Julia SirchiaApril 11th, 2024Welcome to the Sunshine State! If you’ve recently made Florida your home or if you’re diving into gardening in this unique climate for the first time, you’re in for an adventure. Florida’s summers are famous for their intense heat, humidity, and frequent rainfall, making it a challenging season for traditional vegetable gardens. But fear not! […]

Fertilizer Fundamentals: The Best Time to Fertilize

Julia SirchiaMarch 28th, 2024When to Fertilize So, you’ve read How to Choose a Fertilizer, and How to Apply Fertilizer, but what about when to apply fertilizer? Depending on what you plan to fertilize, the timing application may differ. For example, it is best practice to apply fertilizer to turfgrass only when it is actively growing. Turf will not […]

Fertilizer Fundamentals: How to Choose the Right One

Julia SirchiaMarch 14th, 2024Fertilizer, What Is It? Ah, the memories of those science classes! Remember sitting there, soaking up knowledge about photosynthesis? It was like learning the ultimate life hack of the plant world – turning sunlight into food. But wait, did your teacher delve into the world of fertilizers? You know, those nutrient boosters that often get […]

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