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January 2024 First Friday with Florida First Detector

Morgan PinkertonJanuary 8th, 2024Recap of January 2024 First Friday with Florida First Detector For our first webinar of 2024, we focused on mites! As a group, mites are incredibly diverse. There are mites pretty much everywhere. You can find them on plants, animals, people, stored products, soil, water and more! Some mites feed on animals and humans. Some […]

Mites are not a disease

Ralph MitchellJune 1st, 2023When does a blight on a plant look like a disease, but is not?  A Mexican petunia with a disease-like condition that is actually caused by microscopic mites is the answer!  Many gardeners who have Mexican petunias experience this plague from time to time.  It looks just like a fungus but is actually caused by […]

Tiny and Mite-y

Alyssa VinsonAugust 18th, 2022Stumped is not something we often admit to being. As a new horticulture agent, I am still delighted when I get a chance to learn something. Recently, myself and others in my area, began to notice a fuzzy white growth on Ruellia simplex, a ubiquitous though invasive and not recommended landscape plant. It’s been particularly […]

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