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Small Ruminants

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Tabaski: a huge market opportunity for small ruminants in Niger

Livestock LabDecember 20th, 2022Tabaski (or Aïd el-Kebir), called the “Festival of the Sacrifice,” is an Islamic holiday celebrated worldwide each year. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. In commemoration of this historical event, a sheep is sacrificed. In Niger, where 95 percent of the population […]

University of Florida to hold its first Small Ruminant Short Course

Shelby ThomasJuly 28th, 2022The University of Florida will hold its first Small Ruminant Short Course September 16 and17. The event is a collaboration among UF/IFAS Extension, the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, the UF/IFAS agronomy department, and the UF/IFAS department of animal sciences. The first day of the program will be held at the Straughn Professional Development Center. […]

Topic Tuesday: Barber Pole Worm in Goats and Sheep

Courtney DarlingApril 21st, 2020Internal parasites are a problem that impact all types of livestock, especially small ruminants such as goats and sheep. Haemonchus Contortus, commonly known as barber’s pole worm or stomach worm is one of the major internal parasites that infect goat and sheep herds. The stomach worm is a prolific reproducer. In its lifespan of 25-50 […]

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