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UF/IFAS professor to train for national leadership

Brad BuckJune 30th, 2023BY ROBIN KOESTOYO FORT PIERCE, Fla. — Lorenzo Rossi’s role with the American Society for Horticultural Science will begin to increase. Recently selected for the organization’s Leadership Academy, Rossi will commence training to support agricultural production on a global scale. Rossi, an assistant professor at the UF/IFAS Indian River and Research and Education Center (IRREC) […]

It’s In The Dirt

Mark BaileyFebruary 9th, 2018If you want your grass to grow greener, your trees to grow taller, or have a bumper crop of vegetables, then you might want to know as much as you can about soil. Florida soils are often sandy and nutrient-poor which require knowledge, patience, and effort to bring them into good condition. Soil problems can […]

Soil: What’s Alive Beneath Our Feet?

tavandiverJanuary 22nd, 2015You’re digging up a ridiculously stubborn patch of Florida betony when an earthworm crawls across your path. As you break apart the soil in your hands a world of active organisms is being sifted through your fingers. Fertile soil is teeming with beneficial microbes. It is estimated that there can be billions of microbes in […]

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