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UF/IFAS, UF College of Medicine team up for fourth clinic, nutrition event to help farmworkers

Brad BuckMarch 7th, 2023In their fourth such clinic, faculty from UF/IFAS and the UF College of Medicine will test farmworkers for chronic diseases from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 23 in Arcadia. The screenings will be at the Turner Agri-Civic Center, 2250 NE Roan St. The clinic will be held in conjunction with a UF/IFAS Extension agricultural […]

Body Condition Scoring of Beef Cattle

Deanna ThompsonJanuary 5th, 2018Body Condition Scores Using body condition scoring as an assessment tool within your cow herd can be one of the cheapest and most beneficial items you have in your herd management toolbox. It can be even more beneficial when the temperatures drop even if for a short period of time. Lower temperatures can negatively impact […]

Coop Considerations Before Starting Your Backyard Flock

Deanna ThompsonDecember 8th, 2017When it comes to poultry ownership, the things that work are not a one size fits all. So, as with all other aspects of livestock, it is important to consider your exact situation and needs before getting in too deep. With poultry housing, there are endless option and they come in all sizes, shapes and […]

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