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A Guide to Growing Tomatoes in Central Florida: Tips for Success

Julia SirchiaMarch 19th, 2024Tomatoes – they’re a staple in many home gardens, and for good reason. But if you’re gardening in Central Florida, you might need to tweak your approach a bit to ensure a successful harvest. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you grow tomatoes like a pro in the Sunshine State. Things You Should Know: Before […]

Understanding Soil pH: The Key to Successful Gardening

Julia SirchiaMarch 12th, 2024What is the Relationship Between Soil and pH? Remember those science class lessons about the pH scale? You know, the one where you learned that lemons were acidic, pure water was neutral, and baking soda was alkaline? It turns out that understanding pH is not just for the classroom – it’s also crucial for successful […]

Agricultural ‘quarantine’ explained, with two Florida counties under such orders

Kirsten Romaguera RabinJuly 11th, 2022Two Florida counties were put under quarantine in recent weeks, but this has nothing to do with COVID-19. An agricultural quarantine is intended to prevent the spread of invasive species, but the protocols are unrelated to restrictions put in place for human disease containment. In the most recent cases, the discoveries of the Oriental fruit […]

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