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Agricultura climáticamente inteligente

La agricultura climáticamente inteligente es la agricultura que sosteniblemente incrementa la productividad, la resiliencia (adaptación), reduce/remueve los gases de efecto invernadero (mitigación) y promueve el logro de la seguridad alimentaria nacional y las metas de desarrollo.[AGROVOC] [NALT]


Climate Change: Effects on Salinity in Florida’s Estuaries and Responses of Oysters, Seagrass, and Other Animal and Plant Life

SG138/SGEF-218 by Ashley R. Smyth, H. Dail Laughinghouse, Laura K. Reynolds, Edward V. Camp, and Karl HavensApril 15, 2024Florida’s economically important estuaries could be heavily impacted by sea-level rise and altered river flow, both caused by climate change. The resulting higher salinity, or saltiness of the water, could harm plants and animals, alter fish, and bird habitat, and reduce the capacity of estuaries to provide such important services as seafood production and the protection of shorelines from erosion. This publication contains information for stakeholders, students, scientists, and environmental agencies interested in understanding how changes in salinity impact Florida’s estuaries.

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