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Before hurricanes arrive, plan to take care of your elderly loved ones

Brad BuckJune 15th, 2020Imagine a hurricane is coming, not difficult for most Floridians. The cone of uncertainty is become ever more certain, and it’s aiming right at your area. With the storm imminent, you might find yourself in a position to care for elderly relatives or friends. To help deal with the elderly during hurricane season, UF/IFAS Extension […]

Storm prep: Picking and packing your paperwork

June 20th, 2017Hurricane season is upon us. Though building your disaster preparedness kit before a storm arrives is essential, we know it can be a daunting task. We’ll help you get it together, by breaking down the process into simple, little steps you can take each day. Today, we’ll look at the pesky, though all-important, paperwork. Other […]

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