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Pollinator Appreciation Month

Julia SirchiaJune 27th, 2024June is Pollinator Month! Pollinators are crucial for the reproduction of all kinds of plants. You’ve thought about where a baby comes from, but have you ever thought where a peach comes from? Let’s explore why June is dedicated to these essential creatures. What are pollinators? Pollinators have a critical role in plant reproduction. There […]

Spice Up Your Life: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marjoram

Julia SirchiaJune 13th, 2024Are you a fan of fresh aromatic herbs in your dishes? If so, growing marjoram right at home might just become your new favorite hobby. In this guide, we’ll explore how to grow marjoram at home. We’ll highlight growing conditions, pest and disease management strategies, and seasonal considerations specific to marjoram cultivation in Central Florida. […]

Spice Up You Life: A Beginners Guide to Growing Sage

Julia SirchiaJune 6th, 2024Do you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs or admiring them in your garden? If so, growing sage at home could become your new favorite hobby. In this guide, we’ll explore how to grow Sage in Central Florida, featuring varieties that thrive in the region, essential growing conditions, pest and disease management, and seasonality. Commonly Grown […]

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