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Florida Lakeside Living

Marguerite BeckfordMay 14th, 2024Let’s Celebrate…Lakes  With more than 7,800 naturally occurring lakes, Florida is among  25 States nationwide which have submitted proclamations in support of Lakes Appreciation month, observed each summer in July. Through the University of Florida/IFAS LAKEWATCH©  program, Florida residents can participate in  monthly volunteer  activities which help to improve water quality by monitoring the health […]

Unveiling Taylor County’s Hidden Gem

VICTOR BLANCODecember 14th, 2023: Recreational Fisheries Along Florida’s Gulf Coast Nestled along Florida’s picturesque Gulf Coast, Taylor County stands as an angler’s paradise. Boasting an array of recreational fisheries that wave fishing enthusiasts from far and wide. This coastal haven, renowned for its diverse ecosystems and thriving marine life, offers an unmatched experience for recreational fishermen seeking adventure […]

NCBS Intern Report: Coastal Ecology

Emily ColsonDecember 1st, 2023Written by 2023 UF/IFAS NCBS Undergraduate Intern Thaleia Roda   This summer, I had the pleasure of being the Nature Coast Biological Station’s (NCBS) Coastal Ecology Intern under Dr. Mike Allen. Since I was stationed at NCBS, I became involved in a variety of projects conducted by graduate students, NCBS scientists, and FWC. The Wild West […]

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