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It’s Lubber Grasshopper Season!

Tia SilvasyApril 1st, 2024Eastern lubber grasshoppers are very interesting because in the early part of their lifecycle when they are nymphs, their colors are black with a red or yellow stripe, whereas adults are yellow with patterns of red and black. They can do significant damage to citrus, vegetable crops, and landscape plants, feeding on the tips or […]

Exploring Alternatives to Turfgrass for Your Landscape

Michael J. MasucciMarch 21st, 2024Are you considering replacing your traditional turfgrass for reasons beyond just foot traffic, such as water conservation, low maintenance, or simply seeking a more environmentally friendly option? If so, you’re not alone! In this article, we’ll explore alternatives to traditional turfgrass that cater to a variety of needs and preferences, offering both beauty and […]

Information about 4-H and how to enroll

ambernorrisFebruary 26th, 2024I am so excited that you are here to learn more about 4-H in Hillsborough County. 4-H is for all youth ages 8-18. Our motto is to Make the Best Better. We foster the spark in youth. One way to explain a “spark” (Benson, 2008) is something that the youth lose track of time doing. […]

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