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Save the Date: Join us Feb. 01, 2025, for “Danger Day”

Rod GrederMay 1st, 2024Recent tragedies have rocked our community with youth being fatally injured outdoors. It is my highest priority to keep youth and adults safe when enjoying our outdoors and working on farms and ranches. On Feb. 03, 2024, we held our 2nd Annual Youth Outdoor and Farm Safety Day. Thirty-two youth went through 10 stations and […]

More than just a nuisance: Why we should invest in managing mosquito populations

Jonael BosquesFebruary 28th, 2024The cool weather we are enjoying will be gone before you know it. Accompanying the warm weather comes the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes. Florida’s warm, humid climate provides a breeding haven for mosquitoes, making them a constant nuisance and potential health threat. It is important to note that these flying ectoparasites are responsible for over […]

Dominando el gallinero: Cómo proteger sus aves de corral de los depredadores

Jonael BosquesSeptember 29th, 2023¡Bienvenido al otoño en Florida! Durante esta época del año, nuestros patrones climáticos comienzan a cambiar y con esto vienen nuevos desafíos. Si tiene aves de corral, sabe que tiene la obligación de criar a sus animales con su seguridad como prioridad. En la naturaleza, los pollos, patos, codornices y otras aves domesticadas se consideran […]

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