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Vieiras de la bahía de Florida y recolección de vieiras

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Exploring the Game

VICTOR BLANCODecember 13th, 2023Changing Role of Scallop Sorters in Recreational Scalloping Harvests   Nestled along the serene Gulf coast of Florida lies the Big Bend region. A hidden gem known for its picturesque landscapes and abundant marine life. Among the many treasures found in these waters, scalloping stands out as a beloved recreational activity, drawing enthusiasts seeking adventure […]

Meet the Bay Scallop

Rick O'ConnorJuly 27th, 2023As I write this, we are in the middle of our 2023 Scallop Search, an event we do each year to assess whether the scallops in Pensacola Bay are trying to make a comeback on their own.  Each year I am amazed at how popular this little mollusk is.  On the day I am writing, […]

Summer Food Adventures

Andra JohnsonJuly 17th, 2023My favorite thing about summer is the food. I think that’s because it’s more adventurous. There’s a mild risk factor involved with eating outdoors, contending with sun and sand, shooing away bugs, and lighting a charcoal fire that adds fun and excitement to an ordinary meal. Many of the most popular foods we enjoy at […]

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