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Animales subterráneos


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UF/IFAS unveils online tool: Stay ahead of termite risk with an interactive distribution map

Lourdes MederosFebruary 20th, 2024Termites cause billions of dollars a year in damages to homes, trees and other wooden structures across America. In Florida, termite infestations are a year-round risk for properties and trees. While they are not swarming year-round, they consistently forage and develop new colonies, leaving signs of their presence. Fortunately, scientists at the University of Florida […]

UF/IFAS Study: Termite queen and king are the best parents in the world, until they’re not

Lourdes MederosNovember 7th, 2022Studying the parental behaviors of termites has provided a University of Florida scientist with a rare look into how a queen and king pair push the limits of parenthood. The result is a look at how the queen and king work the hardest as parents during the early life of the colony, to ensure that […]

A Changing Landscape in Subterranean Termite Control

Michelle Leonard-MularzMarch 4th, 2021This is a summary of a recent presentation by Dr. Thomas Chouvenc on the importance of termite colony biology on control methods Termites evolved from cockroaches 150 million years ago. There are now over 3,000 termite species worldwide, yet only 3 percent of the overall diversity are pests. They have extremely important roles in subtropical […]

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