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Jardinería de vegetales en Florida

La huerta ofrece aire fresco, sol, ejercicio, disfrute, terapia mental, vegetales frescos nutritivos y ahorro económico, entre muchos otros beneficios. Las verduras se pueden cultivar durante todo el año en Florida si se presta atención a las fechas de siembra adecuadas.

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A Little Datil Do Ya

Taylor Clem, PhDJune 15th, 2024Parrot Heads & Gardening One major commonality between my early childhood growing up outside Cincinnati and living in northeast Florida for almost 25 years – Parrot Heads. As a Jimmy Buffet fan and gardener, there is one song I have slightly changed the lyrics to because of its connection to Northeast Florida Gardeners. Alongside songs […]

Summer Style! ABCs of Edible Gardening For your Newcomer kit.

Mindy HanakJune 14th, 2024Yes, you CAN grow food in Florida year-round. BUT it is important to take a few things into consideration before taking the sweaty plunge into hot season vegetable gardening. Here we aim to share garden tasks and ideas that are seasonally appropriate for Florida in the summer. You can pick and choose what suits your […]

Confusion Over Classification of Southern Peas

llw5479May 29th, 2024A farmer might call them cowpeas. A grocer might call them black-eyed peas. A restaurant waitress might call them field peas. But they are all talking about the same vegetable – the southern pea. If you think you’re confused now, wait until you see some of the other names for this vegetable. In today’s article, […]

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