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4-H 101 Fact Sheets
4-H 101 Fact sheets (en espanol)
4-H Afterschool Guide
4-H Financial Management Fact Sheets
4-H Livestock Judging Curriculum
4-H Plant Connections Curriculum
4-H Volunteer Training Series (VTS)
A Beginner's Guide to Begonias
AFDO Retail Processing Guides series
Ag Agent Handbook
Aging in the 21st Century series
Agricultural Management Options for Climate Variability and Change series
Alimentacion Saludable series
Alternative Opportunities for Small Farms series
Appendix (Florida Forage Handbook)
Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems curriculum
Aquatic Toxicology Notes series
Asian Vegetables Emerging in Florida series
Ask IFAS en español
Ask IFAS piblikasyon an kreyòl ayisyen
Ask IFAS Publicações em Portugues
Basic Botany (MG)
Become Captain of Your Financial Ship curriculum
Before You Tie The Knot series
Beginner's Guide to Water Management series
Being Smart About Gluten and Gluten-Free Issues series
Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Citrus Grove Workers series
Best Management Practices in the Everglades Agricultural Area series
Best Management Practices in the Everglades Agricultural Area series (en espanol)
Biological control with Insects series
Biology and Management of Weeds in Fruiting Vegetables, Cucurbits, and Strawberries series
Blood Feeding Insects series
Breast Cancer series
Budgeting Costs and Returns for Florida Citrus Production
Builder, Remodeler, and Home Buyer Knowledge series
Building a Spending Plan series
Building for Birds series
Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Programs series
Candidate Species for Florida Aquaculture series
Cetaceans 4th Grade curriculum
Choose MyPlate series
Circular 1266: Restoring the Urban Forest Ecosystem
Citrus Diseases Exotic to Florida series
Citrus Nursery Production Guide
Citrus Pest Quick Guides series
Citrus Quick Reference Guide Series
Citrus Tree Nutrient series
Cluster Analysis for Extension and Other Behavior Change Practitioners series
Coalition Building series
Common Freshwater Fish Parasites series
Communicating about water in the Floridan Aquifer region
Comparative Citrus Budgets
Conducting the Needs Assessment series
Conservation Subdivisions series
Contaminants in the Urban Environment series
Cooperative Extension Volunteer Teacher series
Coping with a Money Crunch series
Creating Effective Visual Communications series
Cull Cow Beef Quality Issues series
CUPS Production Guide
Dairy Business Analysis Project
De Compras para La Salud series
Dealing with Snakes in Florida's Residential Areas series
Dealing with Venomous Snakes in Florida School Yards series
Developing Skills for Youthful Leaders series
Diseases in Sugarcane (Sugarcane Handbook)
Diseases in the Florida Vegetable Garden series
Economic Contributions of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Industries in Florida series
Education + Action = Wind Damage Mitigation series
Education + Action = Wind Damage Mitigation series (en espanol)
Education + Action = Wind Damage Mitigation series (in Haitian Creole)
Elder Companion Training Program series
Elder Nutrition and Food Safety Program (ENAFS)
Encouraging Landscape Water Conservation Behaviors Series
Energy Efficient Homes series
Energy Equity Programming for Extension series
Engaging Volunteers through ISOTURES series
Entomology (MG)
Environmental Landscape Management series
Equine Lameness and Imaging Service series
Estate Planning series
ESTL Forms
ET-Based Irrigation Scheduling for Agriculture series
Exemplary Youth Leadership series
Expanded Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP)
Extension Marketing series
Facts about Wildlife Diseases: Risks to People and Animals series
Fall Prevention series (ENAFS)
Family Album Radio Transcripts
Family Nutrition Program (FNP)
Family Youth and Community Sciences Extension Programs
Featured Creatures (en espanol)
Featured Creatures collection
Federal Regulation of the Food Industry series
Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface series
Fish and Human Nutrition series
Fish Health Management Considerations in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems series
Florida 4-H Horticultural Identification and Judging
Florida 4-H Tailgate series
Florida Agricultural Handbook of Solid and Hazardous Waste
Florida Biosolids series
Florida Bull Test
Florida Citrus Production Guide
Florida Cow-Calf and Stocker Beef Safety and Quality Assurance Handbook
Florida Crop Pest Management Profiles series
Florida Fence and Property Law handbook
Florida Forage Handbook
Florida Fresh series
Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook
Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Volume 1
Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Volume 2
Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Volume 3
Florida Invaders series
Florida Lawn Handbook
Florida Marine Baitfish Aquaculture series
Florida Phosphorus Index series
Florida Plan Service Publications series
Florida Turfgrass Irrigation Requirements series
Florida-Friendly Edible Landscaping series
Florida-Friendly Landscaping Pattern Books
Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program
Florida's Introduced Birds series
Food Entrepreneurship in Florida series
Food Modifications for Special Needs series
Food Safety on the Farm series
Food Safety series
Forage Management (Florida Forage Handbook)
Forages: Quick References series
Fruit Crops (MG, North and Central Florida ed.)
Fruit Crops (MG, South Florida ed.)
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals series
Gainesville's Urban Forest
Getting Engaged series
Getting the Most out of Social Media series
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren series
Green Stormwater Infrastructure series
Guidelines to Identification and Management of Plant Disease Problems series
Handbook of Employment Regulations Affecting Florida Farm Employers and Workers
Handbook of Florida Agricultural Laws (Circular 1224)
Handbook of Florida Water Regulation
Happy Relationships and Marriages series
Headlines for Health! curriculum (4HL-HE70)
Healthy Eating series
Healthy Gulf, Healthy Communities series
Healthy Living series
Helping Teens Answer the Question "Who Am I?" series
Home Citrus Educational series
Household and Structural (MG Entomology)
Houseplants and Flowers (MG)
How I Grow series
IFAS Community Development series
IFAS Community Development: Empowering Your Community series
Importance-performance Analysis series
Important Things to Know about Medicare series
Improving Savings, Health, and Happiness by Re-examining Your Practices and Surroundings series
Insects in Sugarcane (Sugarcane Handbook)
Integrating Critical Thinking into Extension Programming series
Introduced Reptile Early Dectection and Documentation (REDDy) series
Introduction (Florida Forage Handbook)
Introduction (Sugarcane Handbook)
IPM Guide for Florida Tomato and Pepper Production
JobStart series
Keeping it Clean Series
Keeping It Safe Series
Key Plant, Key Pest series
Landscape (MG)
Leading Teams series
Learning to Live Through Loss series
Life Skills in a Minute series
Living Independently series
Living with Diabetes series
Lo Mas Fresco de la Florida serie
Making Simple Repairs series
Managing Conflicts with Wildlife series
Managing Nuisance Wildlife in Your Yard series
Managing Pesticides for Crop Production and Water Quality series
Master Gardener Info
Metabolic Diseases of Dairy Cattle series
Military Family Readiness series
Milking Management series
Miscellaneous Plants (MG)
Mosquito Control Guide
My Florida Home Book
My Florida Home Book, Part 1
My Florida Home Book, Part 2
MyPlate "10 Tips" Nutrition Education series
MyPlate Scramble series
Native Range (Florida Forage Handbook)
Nematology (MG)
Nutrient Management of Vegetable and Row Crops handbook (SP500)
Nutrition for Health and Fitness series
Nutrition of Florida Citrus Trees (book)
Ornamentals (MG Entomology)
Other Information (MG Entomology)
Palms (MG, North and Central Florida ed.)
Palms (MG, South Florida ed.)
Pest Identification Guides series
Pest Identification Guides series (en espanol)
Pesticide Safety Miniposter series
Pesticide Toxicity Profiles series
Pesticide Use Trends in the U.S. series
Pesticides (MG)
Pests in and around the Southern Home (SP486)
Pests of Humans and Domestic Animals (MG Entomology)
Plant Pathology (MG)
Plant Protection Pointers series
Planted Forage (Florida Forage Handbook)
Practicas Seguras para Consumidores series
Prevención de Caídas series
Prevent and Protect series
Producción de Hortalizas en Ambientes Protegidos serie
Production of Biofuel Crops in Florida series
Programa de Recuperacion del Bosque Urbano Afectado por Huracanes
Proper Hand Washing series
Protected Culture for Vegetable and Small Fruit Crops series
Raising Healthy Children series
Reclaimed Water Use in the Landscape series
Regional Economic Impacts of Agriculture and Natural Resource Industries series
Renter Power series
Renter Power: Handling Money series
Renting a Home series
Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work series
Road to Recovery series
Safe Handling Procedures for Consumers series
Savvy Survey Series
School-Based Agriculture Education Industry Certification Exams
Seafood Guide series
Secure Pesticide Storage series
Seguridad Alimentaria series
Selection (MG, North and Central Florida ed.)
Selection (MG, South Florida ed.)
Shopping for Health series
Shrubs and Trees (MG, North and Central Florida ed.)
Shrubs and Trees (MG, South Florida ed.)
Shrubs Fact Sheets
Small Farm Food Safety series
Smart Irrigation Controllers series
Soil and Fertilizers (MG)
Soil Phosphorus Storage Capacity (SPSC) for Phosphorus Risk Assessment and Management series
Soil Ratings for Selecting Pesticides for Florida Counties series
Soils and Fertilizers for Master Gardeners series
Soils for Sugarcane (Sugarcane Handbook)
South Florida Tropicals series
Southern Trees Fact Sheets
SP-77 Master Gardener Handbook, North and Central Florida edition
SP-78 Master Gardener Handbook, South Florida edition
Special Topics (Florida Forage Handbook)
Specifically Regulated Pesticides in Florida series
Streaming Science series
Strengthening Families series
Stress Management series
Success and the Single Parent series
Sugarcane Cultivar Descriptive Fact Sheets series
Sugarcane Cultural Practices (Sugarcane Handbook)
Sugarcane Economics and Policy (Sugarcane Handbook)
Sugarcane Handbook
Sugarcane Varieties (Sugarcane Handbook)
Sugarcane Weeds (Sugarcane Handbook)
Summaries of Annual Ridge and Indian River-South Florida Citrus Caretaker Surveys
Talking Local series
Taxation and Budget Reform Commission Recommendations 2008 series
Teach Aquaculture Curriculum
Teaching Students with Disabilities series
Teaching to Personality Types series
Terrorism and the Family series: Making a Family Plan to Combat Terrorism
The Art of Goodbye: End of Life Education series
Third Grade Manatee Workbook series
Tips for Integrating Land and Wildlife Management series
Tots in Action series
Transparency in Agriculture and Natural Resources series
Turfgrass (MG Entomology)
UF/IFAS Nutrient Management Series
Understanding Sustainability series
Understanding Teen Sexuality series
Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program series
Using Social Media to Engage Communities with Research series
Usted y Su Crédito series
Valuing Florida Water Resources series
Vegetable Crops (MG Entomology)
Vegetable Production Handbook
Vegetables (MG)
Vida Saludable series
Warm-Season Annual Grasses (Florida Forage Handbook)
Warm-Season Annual Legumes (Florida Forage Handbook)
Warm-Season Perennial Grasses (Florida Forage Handbook)
Warm-Season Perennial Legumes (Florida Forage Handbook)
Water Issues in Florida, Results of the 2008-2009 Survey of Public Attitudes series
Water Quality for Sugarcane (Sugarcane Handbook)
Water Quality Notes series
Weed Biology and Management in Turf series
Weed Management in Field Crops and Pasture Grasses (WMG)
Weed Management in Fruit and Nut Crops
Weeds in Florida (SP 37)
Wetlands in Your County series
Wildlife (MG)
Wildlife in Danger of Extinction series
Wildlife of Florida Factsheets series
Women and Money: Unique Issues series
Wood to Energy fact sheets
Working with Nonprofit Organization in Community Settings series
Working with School-Age Children series
Writing and Designing for the Web series
YOU and YOUR CREDIT series