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Especies invasivas


FR439/FOR370by Basil V. Iannone III, Emily C. Bell, Shannon Carnevale, Jeff E. Hill, Julie McConnell, Martin Main, Stephen F. Enloe, Steven A. Johnson, James P. Cuda, Shirley M. Baker, and Michael AndreuAugust 4th, 2021

IN1404/ENY2078Sby Alexandra M. Revynthi, German Vargas, Daniel Carrillo, Dakshina R. Seal, E. Vanessa Vassilaros y Paul E KendraJune 4th, 2023

WC186/AEC524 by Nicole M. W. Dodds, Mary Hannah Miller, and Alexa J. LammAugust 7th, 2022

FR285/FOR 223 by Benjamin Koubek, Emily Bell, and Chris DemersApril 10th, 2022

FR467/FOR396by Natalia Medina-Irizarry, Michael Andreu, and Stephen EnloeJune 14th, 2023

UW392/WEC347 by Rebecca G. Harvey and Frank J. MazzottiAugust 19th, 2021

AG463/SS-AGR-464by Deah Lieurance, Amy Kendig, and Christina RomagosaAugust 7th, 2022

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November 2023 First Friday with Florida First Detector

Morgan PinkertonNovember 6th, 2023Recap of November 2023 First Friday with Florida First Detector In November, we looked at some more Hemipteran pests and focused on invasive whiteflies, aphids, psyllids, and more. These insects all have a piercing sucking mouth part. Many also excrete honeydew which can lead to sooty mold that impacts the plant growth and development. Some […]

Cane toads (Bufo Marinus) and your pets.

Alicia BetancourtOctober 19th, 2023South Florida’s lush landscape and subtropical climate make it a paradise for both humans and a diverse range of wildlife. However, in recent years, an invasive species has become a growing concern for the region, especially concerning our beloved pets. The invasive cane toad, also known as the Bufo toad, has established itself in South […]

It’s October and That Means it’s Time for Halloweed

Rick O'ConnorSeptember 28th, 2023It’s October and That Means it’s Time for Halloweed   What is Halloweed? It’s a national program where volunteers gather at a public space to help remove invasive weeds.  In many cases they target one specific species.  This year in Escambia County we plan to target beach vitex on Pensacola Beach.  If there is not […]

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