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Ecological Invasion

Interspecific competition where native species are competing with nonnative species for resources (e.g., nutrients, space, water, etc.)

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Join Our Workshop to Manage the Invasion of Cuban Treefrogs!

aphilyawAugust 29th, 2023Cuban Treefrogs and Environmental Concerns Discover the fascinating world of Cuban Treefrogs and join us for an exciting workshop aimed at effectively managing their invasion. Led by Dr. Steve Johnson, an expert on Cuban Treefrogs from UF/IFAS Extension, this workshop will provide you with valuable insights on recognizing these invasive frogs and exploring management options. […]

Cautiously optimistic: Study looks for riskiest tree disease spreaders, finds none

Kirsten Romaguera RabinFebruary 3rd, 2022Fungal disease represents one of the greatest threats to tree industries and forests in the United States. They’re carried by invasive wood borers from overseas. A pre-invasion risk assessment tested 111 fungi samples extracted from 55 Eurasian beetles. None of the greenhouse-grown oak or pine saplings inoculated with the fungi died during the study period, […]

An Early Study Shows the Invasion of the Asian Tiger Shrimp Could Have an Impact on Native Shrimp

BLOGS.IFASSeptember 6th, 2016The Asian Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) have been reported across the northern Gulf of Mexico for several years now but unlike Cogon grass, Chinese tallow, and Lionfish they have not really made the press. We know they are there, but captures in shrimp trawls seem to be infrequent… it just does not look like a […]

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