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HE794/FCS2112 by Heidi Liss Radunovich and Garret D. EvansSeptember 23rd, 2019

Benefits of Family Meals

FY1362/FCS2324 by Varnessa McCray, Victor W. Harris, and Martie GillenNovember 25th, 2019

Family Reunification Following Foster Care

FY1366/FCS2328 by Rosalyn Monroe and Victor W. HarrisNovember 25th, 2019

My Child Has a Mental Illness: Developing Parental Advocacy Skills

FY1365/FCS2327 by Tracy DeCubellis, Victor W. Harris, and Martie GillenNovember 25th, 2019

Parenting after a Natural Disaster

FM001/FAR0001 by Donna Davis and Suzanna SmithJuly 27th, 2018

Questions to Ask as You Consider Parenthood: A Couples' Guide

FY928/FCS2271 by Amanda N. Holzworth and Heidi Liss RadunovichFebruary 26th, 2021

Strategies to Engage 4-H Parents

4H430/4H430by Julia S. KellyJanuary 31st, 2023Parent engagement makes a significant impact on a 4-H club’s success in fostering the development of targeted life skills in youth participants. This new 4-page publication of the UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Program presents 13 concrete strategies for engaging with parents and also addresses some potential challenges with communicating with parents. Written by Julia S. Kelly.