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Commercial Sod Test Form

SS595/SL393 by Rao S. Mylavarapu, William d'Angelo, and Nancy WilkinsonAugust 30th, 2019This document is the Commercial Sod Test Form (SL393), one of the Soil Testing Information Sheets (Submission Forms) used by the UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory. The sheet provides details about how to collect samples and testing fees. 

Fertility Considerations for Sod Production

SS164/SL52 by T. W. ShaddoxJanuary 25th, 2017

Phosphorus Removal Rates from Sod Production Systems

SS521/SL 309 by Maria L. Silveira, Joseph Walter, Jerry Sartain, Christa L. Kirby, and Pete DealMarch 26th, 2019

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