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Where to Find Weather Information for Nursery Growers in Miami-Dade County When Monitoring Low Temperatures for Cold Protection?

Qingchun LiuSeptember 22nd, 2023Qingchun Liu, Teresa Olczyk, and William R. Lusher Ornamental productions in Miami-Dade County are concentrated in the Homestead area, the southwest corner of the County. During the wintertime, particularly from late December through January, the temperature occasionally could drop to below 40 °F, which can cause irreversible damage to the tropical and subtropical plants without […]

Plant Pests and Pathogens Evolve Mechanisms to Survive Freezing Temperatures

Kevin KorusJanuary 30th, 2023It is a common question that I receive each year. Will freezing temperatures during the winter take care of the plant pests and pathogens in my garden this summer? Unfortunately, the answer is mostly ‘no’. Although some insects and microorganisms that are exposed to the elements will die, most of these pests have adaptations that […]

Tips to protect citrus trees from cold weather

Amir RezazadehJanuary 13th, 2023Citrus can be grown in USDA zones 8-11. It means that citrus grows best in subtropical climates, which Florida already has. However, subtropical climates occasionally experience cold weather below 32°F, which can harm citrus trees, especially if it lasts for a few hours. Some citrus varieties, such as satsuma, may be more resistant to cold […]

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