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Shining a Spotlight on Exterior Lighting

Carol Wyatt-EvensAugust 17th, 2023Do you wake up to find calling cards left under your porch light by frogs and lizards? We can all agree that cleaning up the mess every morning is certainly annoying. Well, there’s an easy and inexpensive way to end the nightly poo-party without the use of pesticides, or any other product for that matter, […]

Volunteering In Nature: Thank You Ecology and Natural Resources Program Volunteers!

Zahir Ringgold CordesAugust 16th, 2023Welcome back to the Volunteering in Nature blog series, where you can get an inspiring peak into the world of volunteering for the UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County Ecology and Natural Resources program! As we move deeper into summer and prepare for the year of programming ahead here on the ecology and natural resources team, we […]

A Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Tale of Survival and Resurgence (Part I): Coontie Cycads

ForestJuly 27th, 2023Countless species of flora and fauna have been lost in what is now being labeled as the Anthropocene extinction event. Fortunately, two local species have not only escaped from the brink of extinction but have rebounded as humans have improved our behavior. This success story holds valuable lessons in how we can save other imperiled  […]

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