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The complex of climatic, soil and biotic factors that act upon an organism or ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival. [NALT]

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Here’s what’s on tap for Citizen Science Month at UF/IFAS

Lourdes MederosApril 4th, 2024Scientists need help from residents, and that is what Citizen Science Month is all about. This national observance, held nationally in April, highlights the importance of how consumers engage in science by partnering with scientists on a variety of projects that help monitor, count, identify and even make new discoveries. At the University of Florida […]

Florida Master Naturalist Program News: Florida’s Resident and Migratory Ospreys

martinmainMarch 8th, 2024Although some may suggest Florida doesn’t have seasons, this is far from the truth. Florida’s seasons influence profound changes in the plants and wildlife that occur here. The month of March means spring is officially here, which means migratory birds will be departing or passing through our state enroute to northern nesting grounds, and some […]

Pesticide Persistence

Entomology EmilyMarch 7th, 2024Hello Avid Readers! Have you ever heard the term persistence as it relates to pesticides? This characteristic is very important as it relates to how long the pesticide “persists” or stays in the environment. There is some history associated with this term that makes it a perfect discussion for spring, hopefully not a silent one. […]

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